Samsik happens to be the most famous dog in this Korean Town. In fact, at the village map, Samsik has a landmark so that people passing by the house can have a selfie with this adorable and photogenic dog. All you need to do is call out to this lovable furball, and Samsik will cheerily pop his head and offer a big doggy grin for the camera.

He loves all the attention! Always waiting for people to call out his name so he can appear like a jack in the box. When he is on his usual lookout over the wall, and passersby ignore him, he will bark out a big booming “WOOF!” until the unsuspecting pedestrians look back and acknowledge him with a wave or a shout-out.

One day, Samsik went out for a walk with his daddy. Isn’t this what he wants, after all? Why is he always over the wall? To experience the big world outside? But why is he still looking back home? Why is he so eager to get back to his wall, even pulling his master? Something is not right.


Back at home, Samsik quickly went back to his wall, watching for passersby.

Does he crave so much attention that he is thinking that his adoring fans might be missing him? He can quickly get more attention when out on his walks than when sitting idly by the wall.

According to an animal specialist, there must be a special memory tied to the wall. Chances are, he is waiting for someone. But who?

A neighbor recalled that there used to be two large dogs at the house. Samsik used to live with his mom. But the owner is old and was having difficulty caring for the two humungous canines. So one of them had to go.

Will Samsik ever see his mom again? Find out in the video below:

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 via YouTube

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