Contrary to what other people may believe, Pitbulls are one of the most loving, most cuddly, and certainly the goofiest dog breed there is in the world. Despite a troubled past most of them had to endure, they remain to be lovely and silly. Just like Chazzy and Jazzy.

Chazzy and Jazzy are two Pitbull best friends who rescued one another. They have a very strong bond that nothing could possibly break. But just like other dogs, their story wasn’t all good at first.


The first time Jazzy came home, she was extremely sick. Elissa Sadlo, her mom, didn’t think she’d make it. She was so depressed and just shut down. There were times she didn’t even bother touching her food.

Refusing to give up, Sadlo kept her hopes up. “I lay beside her and said, ‘You have to make it. You have to pull this through.’ And she started to perk up one day” said Sadlo.

Chazzy, meanwhile, was also having a hard time. He was dropped at the shelter in the middle of the night. He was swarmed with fleas and suffered from mange. Besides that, he also had prolapsed rectum disorder. Thankfully, after several surgeries, Chaz made it though he still needs to wear some diapers.

When Chazzy and Jazzy met, they simply hit it off. Both dogs are always excited whenever they are together. And the happiness they show is just priceless.

“Wherever Chaz is, there’s a party,” said his mom, Maria Minney. “He has the patience of a toddler, especially when it comes to food. But I’ve never seen him more excited than when Jazzy is around.”

No matter how long the best friend pitties have been away from one another, the moment they get reunited, their bond is instant. They go on trips together and their moms couldn’t be any prouder showing them to the world. Chazzy and Jazzy met one another when they both needed a friend, and together, they’ll overcome so much more.

Credits to Elissa Sadlo and Maria Minney via Pittie Nation

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