Dondon is a ladies man. And not just any kind of ladies — he loves being surrounded by lovely, charming female flight attendants! Whenever the flight attendants gush and fawn over him, he would close his eyes to savor the ladies’ gentle caresses as they pet him.

This uncanny canine is raised by the airline office. Though he is obviously happy here, he still has a job to do — welcome the flight attendants when they come home and he happily obliges!

“After a long flight, it’s really tiring,” one of the lady flight attendants said while carrying the contented pup in her arms, “But once Dony welcomes me, all the fatigue is gone.” You can see that Dondon is in doggy heaven savoring every stroke the flight attendant makes.


However, the male flight attendants want some time with Dony, too! So one of them attempts to play with the dog, but Dony stays away and even holds up one paw to stop him. The unfazed cabin steward thought Dony was giving him a high-five and happily tapped his paw. The dog cringed and wanted to run away from him.

So how did Dony end up being the office mascot? It was the Chief Deputy Flight Stewardess who found the lost puppy at the parking lot. She just couldn’t ignore the pup and decided to take him with her to work. Today, when Deputy arrives in the office, Dony would tear himself away even from the crowd of the prettiest flight attendants and greet the boss with all his heart.

Dony can’t be the office mascot if he doesn’t have a costume, so his “sisters” made one just for him — a flight attendant uniform! Although it looks like the girls’ uniform, with a neckerchief and all, this pretty little pooch sure is happy with his job.

Watch Dony work it with the ladies in this heartwarming video below:

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 via YouTube

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