When dogs are left on the streets on their own, they end up in places and situations that they should not be in. Sometimes ending in such places could put them in more trouble than they can handle; as such for a puppy which ended up helpless and in urgent need of help. Thankfully, that very same pup ended up well and lively thanks to rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited.

India – the animal rescue organization – received a call about a puppy lying on the ground and was unable to move. Upon their arrival, they saw the little puppy on a curb by the street covered in hardened tar.


Both her legs were stuck rendering him unable to even move an inch. Most of her skin on the left side of her body is also covered in tar and dirt and other stuff. The look of fear and exhaustion was on her face. The rescuers immediately brought a cloth and covered her with it. Then she was taken into the van.

Her big brother was also in the area. Unlike her, he had it a bit easy. He walked on tar but only had his foot covered in it and now his toes are stuck – but only the toes.

Without the arrival of their rescuers, the female pup would’ve stayed in that same spot for as long as she can survive and then pass away.

After reaching the shelter, their rescuers then spent the following hours tending to them. They used vegetable oil to soften the tar and clean it off from the two pups eventually. They were named Chip and Monk.

After their ordeal, and with the help of their rescuers, Chip and Monk are now doing better. They are very lively and playful and love kissing their saviors on sight. To the least, they now have a safer place to stay where they won’t be afraid and hungry anymore.

Credits to Animal Aid Unlimited, India YouTube Channel

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