Just as love is universal, dog cuteness knows no barriers. The compiled clips below is an example of this. Watch the video and see how a cutie dog can really warm the hearts of those who watch it do his little tricks. The entire video is just background music that perfectly matches the footage and some barking, but the 5-minute, 38-second video can actually turn your day bright.

Dog’s little tricks are cuteness overload

Inspired enough to get your own dog?

Videos like this will definitely make you want to own a cute fur ball. Indeed, there are lots of awesome moments that you can get from having one. Truly, one of those things is to have plenty of video clips that capture the cuteness of your dog. To a dog lover, nothing is better than those little moments and having them shared for everyone to find joy in them as well.


One thing to remember is that you and your personality will have a huge impact on your dog. As seen on some of the footage, the dog parent is there is trigger some of the tricks of the cute fur ball. That means you will have a lot of input in your dog’s behavior and what tricks it will learn and display. Also, the breed and standard characteristics of the dog you have will also have an impact on it. For example, you can’t expect a working dog like Pyrs or Bulldogs to become as timid as the little dog on the video.

Get yourself a dog now

Having a dog gets you a friend, a protector, and a helper at all times. Why prevent yourself from having all these just because you worry about little responsibilities? Get a dog now and see how your days will bright up as all those who have their hearts filled with joy after watching this video from Shibu Japan.

Source: Shiba Inu TV Japan via Youtube

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