Murray, the rescue dog, was born healthy. He was rescued at the Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico by the Sato Project. Dead Dog Beach is where people dump unwanted Puerto Rican dogs.

Murray was rescued together with his three other siblings. All of them were fine after the rescue. But when he was four months old, everything changed drastically. The vets found out that Murray was having distemper. This is a very serious illness with a contagious virus. It severely affected his nervous system.

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my face has been in the media the past few days and some articles have commented on my appearance. So, I just wanted to remind all my lovely followers that my instagram page was created to spread awareness of rescue dogs, acceptance of everyone no matter what one looks like, and to love all. It is okay to be different, that’s what makes us all so special and unique!!💕🐾😊💗 #thedailylifeofmurray #selflove #treatotherswithkindness #love #awareness #acceptance #itsokaytobedifferent #unique #happypup #adoptdontshop #rescueismyfavoritebreed #weimaraner #thesatoproject #happiness #satostrong #nodogleftbehind #happypup #happylife #dogsofinstagram #rescues #tongueouteveryday #strenghth #distempersurvivor #spreadlove

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Murray was having seizures, and his brain was starting to swell. The vets didn’t even know if his brain would fit in his tiny skull. After some time, his face was starting to look deformed. He was in a really bad state.

But Murray is a true-born fighter. They decided to put him down. But as they were about to do it, he started wagging his tail. He showed them that he still wants to fight and everyone was touched. They gave Murray a chance. And finally, the family decided to foster him.

Despite his condition, his new family still showed him how it feels to be well-taken care of. Mackenzie Gallant, Murray’s sister, had mixed emotions after meeting him. His teeth were already rotting, and his tongue was always hanging. He looks unique, and this has been his signature look ever since.

After spending some time with Murray, Mackenzie’s family finally decided to adopt him. They adore him so much despite his unique look. Murray is a very quirky dog. For his family, it’s the personality that matters.

The family owns many dogs, but he became Mackenzie’s favorite. He always sleeps in her room every single night. And when she says “it’s time for bed,” Murray would go inside his crate immediately as if he understands her. He is still a very happy dog considering his condition. His family is so lucky to have a dog like him who serves as an inspiration to everyone.

Credit: Murray

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