Paul Kirhagis and Kim Kelderhouse have been fostering dogs for quite some time. One day, three new-born puppies were surrendered to them. The people who rescued the pups told Paul and Kim that they found the three on a front porch.

All of them were all terribly sick. They were just skin and bones and were covered with fleas and ticks. Their mother was missing and there’s no one to breastfeed them. The couple was scared for the dogs, but they did their best to save them all. They checked and fed the puppies every hour.



Paul and Kim named the three puppies Hope, Wish, and Spirit. They named the strongest one Hope because it gives them hope for their survival. The other pup was named spirit because he is the spunky one. The last puppy was given the name Wish because Paul and Kim had been wishing that they will make it.

After a few days, the puppies were getting stronger and stronger. But something was still missing, their mom. Luckily, someone came in just right on time! Jersey came into the family right after the puppies were found. She was hit by a car. It was quite obvious that she just had her puppies. But the problem is, no one knew where they were.


Jersey was in very bad shape. She couldn’t walk because her milk was giving her so much weight. And the worst part is, she’s very depressed.

She didn’t want to get up or put effort into things. She didn’t want to eat or drink. It felt like she already had lost her purpose after losing her puppies. But when she saw the puppies, she immediately turned into an excited mom.

Jersey completely turned into a very different dog. She became jolly, and she’s started to be active again. The puppies saved Jersey and Jersey saved them as well. Jersey adopted Hope, Wish and Spirit like her real babies.

Credit: 4 Dogs and a Little Lady

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