Like humans, dogs are susceptible to anxiety too. Different dogs would have different ways of showing their anxiousness. The causes are various also.

Some causes of anxiety are quite evident like loud noises or fireworks. Other times, it is as subtle as you leaving for work. No matter what the reason is behind the anxiety, it is agonizing to know that your dog is going through something that makes him feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Like humans, they need comfort and assurance that you are there to protect them from whatever it is that is scaring them and causing the anxiety. Dogs are not complicated, creatures. All they want is for you to make them feel secure and safe, and they will help you feel the same.


Here are a few tips on how to deal with your dog’s anxiety. This may not eliminate the problem, but it will help your dog deal with his feelings. This will also help strengthen your bond.

Separation anxiety

It is difficult for a dog when his companion leaves – they never know when they are coming back. And the only way for it to go away is when the person who left returns.

There are a few things you can do to lighten your dog’s anxiety. One is to leave toys that will keep them busy and keep them distracted. Another way is to take them for a little walk, so when they spend their energy, they may sleep or rest while you’re away.

Imagine if you go to work five days a week for eight to nine hours a day. Imagine what your dog will be feeling if he has nothing to be distracted with. Do what you can to keep your dog busy throughout the day.

If you can, don’t leave them for long periods of time to keep them from harm. When anxious, they tend to exhibit destructive behaviors.

Confinement anxiety

A crate is used to make a dog get used to his place or have that sense of ownership to the container. Unfortunately, there are some dogs that do not want to be confined even when it is a home that you made for them.

When anxiety kicks in, they may exhibit destructive behaviors like eating everything in sight. It is important to lock room doors and install small gates where needed.

Noise anxiety

Sure, fireworks are pretty, but did you know that it causes fear and anxiety to your dog? It scares them a lot! Fireworks are sudden and loud. Even when fireworks do not.

Your calming presence would be of great comfort to your dogs. Hold them close and make sure you give off a relaxed vibe. Getting upset yourself will only worsen their anxiety.

Now that you know fireworks are deemed as a threat by your dogs, every fourth of July, prepare yourself to hold them close and calm them down. The key is to be readily available for your dog when any threat comes his way.

After all, there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your beloved canine companion go through anxiety.

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