One of the very first things your dog will learn is to walk. Taking them out for a walk would have to be one of their most anticipated activities. Aside from the reason that they need to relieve themselves, there are a couple more reasons why walking your dog is essential.

It is an exercise

Walking your dog is an exercise, not just for them, but for you as well. Walking keeps the heart rate up and makes you break a sweat or two. This activity not only has cardiovascular benefits, but it also helps strengthen bones and muscles.

Taking your dog out for a walk will also help strengthen your bond. This is also a good way to spend more time together with your canine companion.


Good for mental health


When walking around, the dog will be sniffing around. Sniffing stimulates the brain and keeps your dog alert and on his feet. Walking prevents boredom, and boredom may lead your dog to exhibit destructive behavior.

Breathing in fresh air, seeing new sceneries and seeing other dogs will help your dog’s mental state. And all these can happen when you take your dog out for a walk.

Interaction with other dogs

There’s a big chance that you will meet other pet owners walking their canine companion in one of your walks. This is a good time for your pet to meet other canines in the area.

Dogs need to socialize too, you know.

A form of training

One needs to establish rules inside the house. Rules can also be established for any activities outside the home. Walking is an opportunity for you to further your dog’s training.

During walks, you may teach your dog new tricks or use what he has already learned. In this way, he is able to practice what he has been taught. Simple commands like “sit” or “stay” may be practiced during walks.

Walking is also a good time for you to train your dog on how to interact well with other pets and their owners. If your dog is not used to seeing other people and animals, this may be a little difficult for you to do the training. Walking will make your dog used to seeing new faces, and they can act properly when meeting them.

Aside from great health benefits your dog gets from walking, it really is a perfect time for you to bond. There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that the walk is an enjoyable one.

Since dogs need daily walks, you may incorporate little activities during these walks Рlike taking another route that is different from your regular one, or bringing a new dog snack.

You may even borrow a friend’s pet and bring them along for a walk date. Little things will bring spark and enjoyment to your dog’s regular walks. They would look forward to each day as your regular¬†walks become not so “regular” anymore, thanks to you.

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