One of the first priorities that any dog owner should consider buying is a dog crate. I understand that there are some people who are very discouraged when they consider buying a crate because it resembles a cage, they, therefore, tend to sympathize with their dog’s well-being. We ought to understand that the crate is a natural environment that mimics a den.

Let me take you back before the domestication of animals became part of our practices. The wild dogs used to have dens in-which they used to live inside. The dens were just shallow passages or holes that would accommodate the dog. They were just enough for the dog to lie down comfortably and offer protection from the predators that were around, so it’s fairly accurate to conclude that the crate is just a modernized version of the den.

There are several advantages of having a crate, one of them being the fact that they discourage destructive behavior. They also come in handy while traveling. However, there are some variables to consider when buying the crate. That’s what we’re going to look at.


The materials


It’s important to consider the fact that the plastic dog crates are made of durable poly-blend with some chrome-plated steel bars.

It also has some ventilated side panels and a bottom that is leak-proof. These crates are approved for airline use and they offer privacy.

The crates used during travel offer some superior durability and strength. The heavy-duty construction, coupled with the visibility and excellent ventilation is just great. These crates are perfect while driving around or flying with your dog. They are also used while you’re training your dog.

Considering the wire dog crates, they also provide portability, security, and ventilation. There are some that can be folded down for convenience purposes and easy storage. They are easy to clean since they have maximum space that’s open.


There are different sizes for various crates, it’s therefore important to keep this in mind. You need to check the size that fits your dog. There are dog size charts that come in handy during this process.

The correct size is determined by the length and height of your dog. The best size should accommodate your dog to stand, without having to duck his head. The crate should not cramp the dog. The crate also needs a divider panel that will come in handy while you’re trying to adjust as the dog grows.

There’s a need to keep the crate restrictive to some extent, if it’s very big, the dog might relieve himself inside the crate. This will not be conducive for its well-being.


If you want to keep your furniture safe, you can use a crate to confine your puppy. This will keep the dog safe from danger. This will work very well when you’re not around to monitor its movements. Dogs need to be secured properly before you can take them on a trip so you can be sure that your dog will not stray anywhere.

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