Male dogs are naturally inclined to react to the female scent. This is especially the case when the female dogs are on heat.

Naturally, when you have a female dog in the presence of a male, it creates a stressful atmosphere. If you don’t want the two to get physical, it’s very simple. Create a relaxed and safe environment in which the two are separate.

Most importantly, the two pups need to be neutered and spayed. This serves to reduce any unwanted breeding. Additionally, it also tames their behavior and reduces some cancers. Stay tuned as we take a look at some of the important tips that will help you calm the pups down.


Separate the Female from the Male


It’s a well-known fact that to keep a male dog calm, he needs to be far away from the female. Continue separating the two until the female is no longer in heat. Why? This is to a great extent because the male can barely contain himself. The separation also prevents the male from smelling the female’s scent.

In case the dogs are living in the same house, place a great distance between them. If you decide to place them in separate rooms, then shut the doors. They should not be allowed to go out at the same time. Preferably, they should be placed on opposite sides of the home.

Smell plays a huge role. Therefore, you don’t want to have items that belong to the female anywhere close to the male. Restrain the female’s movements. While she is on heat, don’t allow her to venture outdoors. She might attract males in the neighborhood.

It’s advisable to board the male in a kennel. The location should be offsite. Keep in mind that this will have to continue over a period of up to 3 weeks, that’s when the female’s heat will be over.

Nurture a Calm Environment and Surroundings

You do this by masking the females smell. You can spray her tail with methanol or Vick’s vapor. This overwhelms the female’s scent while on the heat. The spray should be applied severally in a day. Distract the female with a toy so that they don’t lick off the spray.

Make a point of playing with the dogs separately. The key here is to keep them distracted and entertained. You can take the female for a walk while the male is locked up in his room chewing toys.

The two can remain relaxed and calm if you maintain a balance while playing with them equally. For instance, maintain a regular walking schedule for both. Let the male spend his energy. For the female, avoid walking her at this point while she’s on the heat. Why? She’ll distract males in her surroundings.

Most importantly, speak to your veterinary about how you can fix the two. The ideal recommendation being neutering. This should be done within 6 months of age. Resulting in reduced testosterone levels and sexual drive. Additionally, it will reduce the risk of contracting cancers and some diseases.

If you spay a female, you’ll greatly prevent mammary tumors and some types of cancer. This operation should be done before her first heat.

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