For some reason, dogs are afraid of bathing. However, it is something they just have to get used to in order to make them healthy and for us to keep them inside our homes. Although it can be tough to a dog owner to make his or her dog love its bath time, dogs can be trained to love water. The following article will be discussing how to make it less stressful for both of you.

Bath Time: How to make it Easier for Your Dog

The fear of water in dogs is tough to manage. Yes, it can be difficult to get them used to bathe, but not impossible. The older the dogs are, especially those who are not used to bathing, can be harder to keep calm than the younger ones.

Indeed, it can be difficult but definitely possible. The following tips below will serve as a guide on how to make the bathing experience stress-free for both you and your pet.


Be Ready with the Bath Supplies


One of the most important things you can do when it comes to bathing a nervous dog is to be ready. This means you should have your shampoo, towels, cup for rinsing, toys and treats ready and easy to reach.

Living your dog in the bathtub alone will not help in alleviating the fear your dog feels if you need to get up and leave them while looking for his or her bathing supplies.

Be Ready with the Tub full of warm water

Before your dog gets in, you can fill the tub with warm water. It will be less stressful for your dog. To us running water is soothing but to an already nervous dog, it can be very noisy.

Use a Nonslip Tubs

If your dog can’t get a foothold because of a slippery tub, then you should opt in using non-slip tubs. What you can do, if a non-slip tub is unavailable, you can play a mat or any non-slip material on the tub floor. Thick towels should also do the trick. These non-slip materials will allow your dog to stand upright.

Use a cup for rinsing if necessary

Some dogs are scared of the splashing and the noise a faucet or shower head makes. Although it is easier for us to rinse them, it is important that we should take into account our dogs’ emotional needs.

A cup is a perfect way to rinse our pets because it is quiet and less imposing.

Be Extra careful in Washing your Dogs Face

Dogs are scared of water much more if you are not careful about putting water onto their eyes, ears or nose. To give you a better control you can use a washcloth in washing their face all the while preventing water into splashing into their eyes, nose, and ears.

Use Toys and Treats during bath time

You can use toys and dog treats to keep your dogs’ calm and relaxed during bath time. It doesn’t have to be extra expensive, but just enough to keep your dog focus on the toy and not on the water.

The tips above are just tips. It doesn’t guarantee that your dog will love bathing time immediately. However, if you follow the tips regularly, you should be able to see some changes with your dog’s’ behavior during bath time.

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