Bringing a new pet home can be an exciting and very rewarding experience. However, it also requires patience for the adjusting period. To help your pet to adjust, be consistent during the first few days to establish a routine as dogs love routine and can follow a schedule.
Regardless if it’s a puppy or an older dog, both needs time to settle to their new home.

Read down below for some tips on how to help your dog adjust and make the transition easier for both you and your new pet.

Start Slow

Don’t rush things. Give your new dog time to get to know everyone in the family. Let him explore his surroundings at his own pace. Many dogs find their new home somewhat exhausting. It may take a few days for them to adjust this is especially true for dogs that came from shelters where it can be noisy and generally stressful.


Give your Dog His Space


Prepare a place for your dog with his very own comfortable bed. You can look for a spot or an area in your house where it is quiet and has limited access by other pets or humans alike. Remember being in a new environment is not only scary but also stressful.

Expect and Be Ready for Stomach Concerns

When moving to a new home, newly adopted dogs will also experience diarrhea. This is usually caused by stress or sudden food changes. To lower the risk of diarrhea related to food changes, you can ask your shelter or dog breeder your new dog’s food preference. In the event you don’t like the type of food your new dog is used too, you can gradually change their food to a new one over the next 7-10 days.

Diarrhea is a common problem among newly adopted dogs, and if you think it may be caused by stress, be easy on the transition part.

Loss of Appetite

With all the moving and adjustments, it may affect your new dog’s appetite. A dog may refuse to eat if he is given a new type of dog food or if your new dog is just plainly shy, he might find it hard to eat when in their new home.

Although a dog won’t starve itself, you can expect him to be back to his good old self after he adapts to his new environment.

Establish and Follow a Routine

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