Whitney King Cahoon’s Labrador retriever named Zero is known for being a good boy. This lab enjoys swimming as well as playing ball. He is afraid of almost everything, though he remains to be very lovable, says Whitney. Zero also has a sensitive personality and gentle nature, which does not make him a guard dog type of dog.

However, over the weekend, Zero surprised everyone with his bravery. A man tried to steal a package, which was placed at the doorstep of their family’s porch. Zero noticed the man and rushed out of their house, frantically barking. He courageously chased the thief away as the thief hurriedly crept back to their getaway vehicle.


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Posted by Whitney King Cahoon on Thursday, January 31, 2019


Because of Zero’s swift action, the thief got startled, making him toss the package that he attempted to steal back into the family’s yard. The thief quickly drove away while Zero sniffed the ground and did his business like nothing happened. No one was watching, but the doorbell camera captured the incident.

Although Zero does not seem to think much of his heroic act, his mom was evidently impressed. Whitney said that the package did not have much in it as it only had a $4 worth of light dimmer switch. However, she still highly appreciates that Zero went after the thief and defended their family.

Whitney said that while going after the thief was something that she did not really expect from Zero, she is, nevertheless, proud that Zero scared them off. Zero has earned his keep, she added. This sweet, brave lab has now made an impression.

Hopefully, these sticky fingers will now stay away knowing that there is a courageous lab guarding this family’s home from their vile acts. Zero is not just the family’s sweet boy anymore – he has now become his family’s hero. Way to go Zero!

Credits: Whitney King Cahoon

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