Seeing complete strangers at the mall arguing over something is a common site. Usually it’s over cutting in line, accidentally bumping into another person, or clambering over the last toy right before Christmas.

However, in today’s world of high technology, camera phones are everywhere. Basically, news is right at the fingertips of every person.

At a mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a lady wanted her daughter to pet a service dog which is not allowed. However, this feisty lady wasn’t ready to take no for an answer.


In a blink of an eye a simple argument ends up turning into a viral event. Thousands of people weighed in with their own opinions over what happened.

Dog handler Megan Stoff caught the situation on video and shared it to Facebook. Not long after posting it the video went viral. The viral video has been watched over 2 million times and counting.

Most viewers were completely shocked at how big of a deal the mother made over her daughter not being allowed to pet a service dog. A service dog is on the job working and common sense tells most people not to run over and start petting it.

The angry lady walked away then came back yelling at the dog handlers just because they said “no”. I guess she just figured her child should be able to pet the dogs because she wanted her to. All service dogs have patches on them saying don’t pet.

However, this mom on a mission wouldn’t take no for an answer. Eventually mall security got involved to help diffuse the situation. The lady at one point became so irate she started crying.

The group of dog handlers were at a meet-up at the mall. Getting to know each other as service dog handlers was what brought them together.

Ciarán Williamson gave his perspective on being a service dog handler to Bored Panda. “I don’t necessarily mind being asked to pet my dog, though usually, I have to tell people no,” he told them.

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