Losing your home is one thing — losing your family is another. Both have happened to Popeye. Their home burned down which forced his family to move away.

Unfortunately, they did not bring Popeye along. Week after week, Popeye has been waiting for them to return but never did. His family abandoned this poor dog.

Just when you thought you’d be a part of a family during good times and bad times. Your family will prove you wrong. This dog might have felt so betrayed.


Fortunately, a concerned citizen called an animal rescue organization, and the rescuer immediately came to help out the dog. Popeye is a sweet and trusting dog as he approached the rescuer with no apprehension.

Maybe it was the burger, but still. It was very trusting of him to approach someone he doesn’t know. The rescuer was taking his time as he was establishing more trust between them.

Popeye did not mind as he enjoyed the treats. You can tell he enjoyed it as he also ate the paper that came with the treat. Such a fun dog to watch!

You can tell he was not only lonely, but he was also hungry. The rescuer assured him that there is more where that came from if he comes with him. There was no resistance when the rescuer put the lucky leash on Popeye.

He was such an obedient dog and pleasantly went with the rescuer. It’s as if he knew he was being saved. Popeye was brought to the hospital for a bath and general check-up.

This is the start of Popeye’s new life. Popeye is waiting for his forever family, and while he waits, he will enjoy every moment knowing that he has a place to sleep in, and food to eat.

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Source Hope For Paws via YouTube



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