The Irish Wolfhound got its name because of what they were bred for in life and not from how they look.

The purpose of the Irish Wolfhound is hunting wolves. They’re a very large dog standing between 32-34 inches and bigger.

They may look scary to most people but in fact they’re very loving and gentle. Club Doggy is showing off a ton of Wolfhound photos below. Some of them are quite hilarious.


#1 Our Anti-Burglar System


#2 17 Days After My Mom Passed From Ovarian Cancer, Her Old Irish Wolfhound Followed In Tow To Be With Her. I Miss Them Both So Much. Dogs Know

#3 Owner And Her Dog Dressed Like Wayne’s World Characters For Halloween

#4 My Dog’s Facial Expressions When I Didn’t Turn Towards The Dog Park

#5 I Guess I’ll Sleep Over Here…

#6 These Two

#7 Janine Fell Apart. We Put The Pieces In This Chair

#8 My Grandma And Her Irish Wolfhound From 1974



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