Every family has its secrets, and this Golden Retriever family is no exception. Their drama came straight from a telenovela — what seemed to be a happy family at first became dark, twisted and sinister…

The doggy family has five puppies they need to take care of — four boys and one girl. The puppies frolic, play, and cause havoc as cute little Golden Retrievers do. In the distance, their dad “Dongnami”, looks at them warily while on his chew bone. When they pups come rolling over to have a taste of daddy’s chew bone, Dongnami snaps at his kids and let out an angry “WOOF!” The scared little puppies scamper in all directions, with one even rolling over in fright.

The alarmed mother, “Boksooni” raced to the scene and the couple goes into a big fight, while the puppies happily play with the chew bone daddy left behind. Outraged by this turn of events, Dongnami made his way into his master’s house where he made a terrible mess. He took his frustrations out on the barbecue grill.


It was the owner’s turn to be outraged. But he knew why Dongnami was acting strangely, and that he has every right to do so…

Some time ago, another Golden Retriever stayed with Dongnami and Boksooni. But right before the newcomer left, Boksooni got pregnant with his kids. No wonder Dongnami was furious. He was fathering some other dog’s offspring!

In a true doggy drama, Dongnami felt agonized and ran away. His furious owner looked everywhere for him, and when he finally did, he decided that it was time to lecture the Father Dog to man up to his family problems. The puppies needed a father figure who will teach them to stay strong together as a pack.

Did Dongnami find the courage to become a family man (or dog)? Find out in this video below:

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 via YouTube

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