Choosing a name for your dog requires a little luck and inspiration

Choosing a name for your dog can be hard sometimes. It takes thought and some imagination along with luck. After all it’s a name you’ll be saying over and over for many years to come.

Dog names trend in popularity just like girl baby names. Take the movie “Frozen”. After it came out there was a spike of 900 percent more dogs named after the movie’s characters. Many other dog names have been influenced by other movies as well.


Believe it or not many people name their dogs after drinks and food. That’s also been trending 37 percent higher over the last couple years.

Need a girl name for a dog in 2019? Take some advice from doggy experts.

Choosing a name that has one or two syllables is the best. It gets your dog’s attention faster and is the easiest to say.

Hard consonant names may be easier for dogs to hear.

Stay away from names that sound like a command such as “sit” or Bo, which is similar to “no.”

Hearing her name is a signal to a dog that whatever is coming next is meant for here ears. Use her name a lot positively so she doesn’t associate it with something negative or punishment.

You don’t want to name your dog something that sounds too close to someone in the family. Your dog and family member would be confused.

Get to know your dog first. Many times her behavior or looks will inspire you to come up with the perfect name.

Still stuck? On the next page is a list of the top 100 female doggy names.



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