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Choosing a dog crate is one of the first responsibilities of a dog owner. It is one way of securing the safety of your pet, yourself and the people around you.

Do not feel discouraged however by the thought that putting your dog inside a crate would mean that you are caging him or her. Simply put, you should remember that dogs, no matter how trained, still retain some characteristics of their ancestors.

It is a known fact in history that animals used small dens as their shelter. These dens are made up of shallow holes and narrow passages providing just enough area for the animals to move around and lie down comfortably. These also served as their protection from predators around them.


So, the crate that dogs are using nowadays is a modern version of the den used by animals before. Crates serve as their private space. And not only that, crates make it convenient for you and your dog when traveling, speeds up the housebreaking process and discourage destructive chewing.

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Here are some factors that you can consider when choosing a dog crate.


Dog crates come in varied sizes, so know the appropriate size for your pet. You can refer to a dog crate size chart. Determining the correct size will depend on the height and length of your dog.

A perfect size would enable him or her to stand up without bending his or her head below his or her shoulders. Your dog should also be able to stretch out with ease. Your pet should also be able to lie down comfortably in the crate.

You may want to choose a crate with a divider panel as it gives additional versatility to your dog kennel. Plus, it saves you money because you can continuously use it by simply adjusting the size as your pet grows.

Take note that it matters to make the size restrictive so that you provide just enough space for your dog especially when he or she relieves his or herself.


Choose materials for the crate depending on your purpose for having one. For superior strength and durability, the best crate that provide these are the travel crates. They are perfect for driving, flying, and training. Their best features also include great visibility, excellent ventilation and heavy-duty construction.

For maximum ventilation, portability and security, wire dog crates are the best option. They are very easy to clean and offers maximum space for your pet.

For privacy and air travel, you can purchase dog crates made with plastic. These crates have leak-proof bottoms and ventilated side panels for traveling.


The main factor and probably the most important consideration that you must look into buying dog crates is its safety features. You must be meticulous in making sure that your pet is safe in his or her crate from any dangerous situations especially when you are not around. Make sure that your pup’s crate is properly secured before traveling.

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