Helping someone in trouble is a natural instinct for humans. But, did you know that even animals have this intense desire to help anyone who needs a backup or a lift? Yes, you read it right! Animals love helping too.

The Dodo, one of our favorite channels showcasing cute animal videos posted a short video compilation of animals helping other animals whether they are of the same species or not.

The video shows a tortoise that pushes another tortoise that fell on his back or shell. With their size, getting back on its feet will be a challenging task. Luckily, this tortoise has a friend who knows how to give an extra push. And after a few tries and push, the other tortoise successfully gets back up and walking.


In the video, the Dodo also features a dog that shows how brave a man’s best friend can be. This dog didn’t hesitate to jump in the cold water and save a drowning reindeer.

What’s even unexpected is that the reindeer is a little bigger than the dog itself. Thus, howling it from the cold water to the land is not as easy as it looks like. But, this doesn’t stop this brave hero dog from helping the reindeer.

It took a few minutes to completely swim from the lake to the part where the dog owners are. And as the hero swims in the cold water, the man who sounds like his foster dad didn’t stop cheering his furry friend until he reached him.

The Dodo never failed to give us inspiring stories of animals showing how they love not just their human friends but also other members of the animal kingdom. These videos continuously remind us that dogs aren’t just cute and bubbly; they are willing to risk their own self to help anyone who’s in danger.

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Source: The Dodo via YouTube



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