A Beagle Hound mix was spotted by one Good Samaritan on a remote location near a construction site. According to locals, the place was popular for being a dumping site for unwanted or injured dogs. But rescuers have been told that the Beagle Hound mix has been on the same spot for days. When rescuers from the local animal welfare organization Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived, they immediately found the place where the dog is and quickly did what they came to do.

The dog, as they have discovered, was very badly injured. Both her legs on the left side of her body were broken. Seeing railways as the primary means of transport near the area, rescuers speculated that the dog might have been hit by a train. The dog, which they decided to call Polar Express, has two broken legs and have been enduring the freezing temperature lying on the dirt covered with a coat. They scooped her up and put her on a soft cushion at the back of their vehicle.


The rescuers took another look again and have a check; she has swelling and bruises on both her legs. Also, they are both bent.

The very moment they realized her dilemma, he sprung into action and got the help she badly needed. Staffers of Stray Rescue of St. Louis then explained how their rescue team got to save the pup they named Polar Express.

Rescuers said that they rushed to her as soon as the call was received. The caller then gave his coat and also gave the dog a blanket to make her as comfortable as possible. When they approached the dog, she was not worried or scared; she just wagged her tail knowing she was now safe.

After arriving at the clinic, they were able to confirm her injuries. She had various fractures on both legs and is in need of surgery as soon as possible which would amount to a couple of grand.

For the time being, they splinted both her legs and secured it so it won’t get even worst but she still needs the surgery to fix her humerus and tibia.

Polar Express’ road to recovery is not going to be a short one but at least for now, she is in good hands. And her forever home is just around the corner ready to take her as soon as she gets all better.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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